How to Make Money From Google Images in 2023 [Earn $100/day]

Do you want to make money online using free Google images?

If yes, then you’re going to love this post.

There are tons of ways available to earn money online, but do that you need some specific skills.

The trick I’m going to share with you today requires zero skills or experience, but it can make you $100 per day.

So, to learn how to make $100/day from Google Images without any experience read this article till the end.

Here, I’ll show you a website called, which pays you for sharing photos and guide you step by step how to use Google images to make money from this website.

Upload is a file-sharing site that gives you 50 GB of free storage space for sharing photos, PDFs, APK, Softwares, ZIP, and Docs. You’ll get paid whenever someone downloads your shared files.

Make Money Online Using Free Google Images

To start earning money from Google images first, go to Google and search for any keyword, for example, I’m searching for “Audi cars Wallpaper” and go to the image tab.

Scroll down the photos and save some beautiful photos that you like.

While downloading an image make sure that it has the creative commons license so that you can use the image without any copyright issue.

Remember, you can search for any keyword like cute dogs, beautiful flowers, mobile wallpapers, etc.

Now, let’s create an account in Up-load website and start earning.

Step 1: Create Your Account

To create an account in UP-LOAD visit their official website.

Up-load Website Homepage

On the homepage click the SIGN-UP button available on the top menu.

Then it will take you to the user registration page, where you’ve to put your email id, password, and user name.

Sign Up for a New Account

After adding all the details, choose your payment method, there are many payment methods available as you can see below.

Choose a Payment Method

Choose the one you trust and comfortable with (Recommended Paypal).

Then check the reCaptcha and click the Register button.

Step 2: Account Set up

When you complete the registration process, by default you’ll be redirected to your account overview section.

Account Overview

If you’ll not get redirected to the account section automatically, then click on the MY ACCOUNT button on the top menu. It will take you to your account tab.

Now click on the Configuration button available in the left sidebar below the Account settings and confirm your payment details and set profit mode to PPD 100%.

Set your Profit Mode and Payment details

So, we’ve completed all the basic setup of our account and now we’re ready to start earning by uploading files to our account.

Step 3: Upload Images and Start Earning

Now, we’re going to upload the images on our account which we’ve downloaded from Google previously.

To upload your image go to the UPLOAD FILES tab from the top menu and select the images you want to upload. Then click start uploading.

Upload your files

As you can see I’ve uploaded the image that I’ve downloaded from Google for free.

Now, in order to make money from our uploaded images, we’ve to optimize our images and set up a price for it.

To do that go to MY FILES tab through the top menu, here you’ll find all your uploaded files.

Now, select the file you’ve uploaded or the file you want to optimize and click on the edit file option.

Edit Your Uploaded Images

To make your image appear in searches, give it a proper name and write down the image description.

As you can see, I’ve named my image ‘Audi Car Full HD Wallpaper’ because it’s an Audi car image.

Set a Price of Your Image

Now that our image is SEO-optimized, let’s add the image price to $7. You can add the price of your image according to your choice.

Whenever someone will download our image we’ll get paid. But, the price depends on the user country.

Comission rates for different countries

For example, if someone downloads from united states or Canada we’ll get $7 per download and for Tier B countries we’ll get $5 and so on.

Earning Proofs

Every day thousands of people from different countries are earning over $100 dollars.

You can check the recent payment proofs that I’ve attached below.

Up-load website payment proof

Note: Always give your image an SEO-optimized title, that people will able to search. This will increase your number of downloads as well as your earnings.

We hope this article will help make money online for free using Google images without any skills and experience. You may also want to check out our article on the best money-making apps for students.

For more articles on making money online comment below the topic, you want me to cover and I’ll post an article on your topic with the latest earning tricks.

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