Best Money Making Apps for Students in 2024

Are you a student and looking for the best way to make money with your smartphone. Well, there are several best money making apps are available on the internet through which you can earn your pocket money without any work.

Don’t get confused we are going to tell you out the ad clicking apps or any ad posting apps. We will show you the 5 best apps that will not only full fill your need but also give you free cash for using it. You will earn and get entertained at the same time.

So, in the following article, we are going to know about the 5 best money making apps, its features and need in your daily life, and lastly, how can you earn thousands of free cash in your bank account?

The 5 Best Money Making Apps for Students

These free earning apps are available on Google Play Store from where you can download it for free. or you can go with the link we have linked with the title of the apps.

So, without taking your more time let’s explore the 5 best money-making apps for students in India.

1. Phonepe

Phonepe is one of India’s best UPI money transfer and payments app. With this application, you can pay your bills and transfer money to anyone from your bank account directly and earn free cashback money from it.

In the Phonepe app, you can book your gas cylinder, recharge your mobile phone, and send money to your family members or shop owners directly from your bank account. This is how Phonepe makes your life much easier.

Now come to the main point of how you can earn from Phonepe.

Step 1: Install Phonepe application and sign up with your mobile number (a mobile number which linked to bank account number) and add or link your bank account (you can use Paytm Payments bank).

Step 2: Send money (minimum 200) to your friend or family members who is using Phonepe and you will get rs 100 for your first transaction. You can get up to ₹1000 and the minimum amount is ₹100.

Step 3: Invite your friends to install Phonepe and you will get rs 100 rupees when someone installs it from your link. Share everyone in your friend circle ( if you share at least 10 friends then you can earn over 1000 rupees for free).

Step 4: Do a transaction in your friend circle whenever a cashback offer comes and earn thousand of rupees in your account.

Install PhonePe »

Note: Never share your bank details or Phonepe details with anyone. It will keep you safe from frauds and scammers.

2. Google Pay

Google Pay is another most popular UPI payments platform that is mostly used by shop owners to make easy bank to bank payment transfer services for their customers.

This app own by Google by using which you can recharge your phone, pay electricity bills, etc from your bank easily.

But I’m earning over thousands from Google pay application by doing simple money transactions with my friends.

You too can earn free cash from it just install the application (from the given link) and register with your mobile number (which is linked to your bank account).

Then add your bank link to your bank account (you can use Paytm payments bank) with your profile and you will get Rs. 101 in your bank account for free after doing your first transaction with any Google pay user.

Google pay gives you a scratch card every time you do a transaction through it. And you can win up to ₹1000 with the scratch card. You can also earn by inviting your friends to this application whenever a user installs Google pay from your link you both will get ₹81 directly in your bank account.

I mostly recommend this application to my friends and they are also earning a good amount from it. Make your own group and do transactions to earn thousand from Google Pay Scratch card.

Install GooglePay »

3. Mini Joy

Mini Joy is one of the most popular gaming apps in India which gives you free Paytm cash for playing games in this application. You can invite your friends and family members to play interesting games with you and you will get free cash for inviting them.

It offers hundreds of interesting games like 8 ball pool, cube craze, teen pati, never stop, Greedy Miners, Racem, Avoid. You will also get rewarded for winning games and scoring high records.

Mini Joy also gives the lucky spin every day which gives a chance to win exciting prizes and Paytm cash. I think this is one of the best earning where you can earn by playing games to relax.

To start earning right now just download the app (Click the app title) register your number, complete your profile, and earn by playing games. Also, invite your friends to chill together and earn more cash.

4. 4Fun

4Fun is a free funny video app where you can share and watch short funny videos and earn free Paytm cash. You will get paid for sharing funny videos with your friends and wining active video contests on the app.

With 4Fun you earn thousand of free Paytm cash by watching funny videos and sharing it on WhatsApp. I personally use this application and it gives me around 50 rupees every day. You can also earn by inviting your friend to install this application (you will get rs 10 every time some installs).

In this application, you can make new friends, live chat with random girls, and you can download your favourite funny video directly to your phone.

To earn with this application you just need to download the app and register with your mobile number and link it to your Paytm account.

5. Pocket Money

Pocket Money is a free mobile recharge and Paytm cash earning app where you can earn ₹500 daily by completing simple tasks. This is one of the best money making apps which gives you huge cash backs on popular shopping sites.

To start earning free Paytm cash just install the app and register with your mobile number. After that, complete the simple tasks like surveys and app installation and earn between ₹10 – ₹100 for every task you complete.

Also, invite your friends to install this application and you will get ₹200 for every user who installs Pocket Money through your link. So, start earning your pocket money now.

All these applications are one of the high paying and trusted apps which give instant money after completing its respective tasks. Many of the students are already earning thousands of rupees without any hard work.

We hope this piece of content will help you in earning your pocket money from your smartphone. I personally used the above applications and got a very good result. In the first month, I have earned over 5000 rupees from these best money-making apps.

I hope you will also get some good results from these earning apps. If you have any quires leave a comment below we will definitely reach to you.

Which is your favourite money-making app?

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