How to Earn $100 Per Day From Blogging in 2024 [AdSense Alternative]

Are you a blogger or content creator and want to earn $100 dollars per day from blogging?

If yes, then this article is going to be beneficial for you.

As you know there are tons of ways to make money online and Blogging is one of the most popular ways among them.

Nowadays, if you own a blog/website then you can make money from your blog in many different ways such as running Adsense ads, affiliate marketing, paid promotion, etc.

But the problem most beginners face in blogging is very low earning. They don’t get AdSense approval or affiliate sales on their blog easily that’s why they quit blogging within a year.

To avoid that low earning issue today I’m going to share with you my personal trick that will help you earn $100 per day from blogging or even more without running any ads and affiliate sales.

So, to learn my secret method for earning $100 dollars per day from a blog without even running AdSense ads, read this article till the end.

Here, I’m going to tell you about a free-earning website for bloggers called, which pays you for publishing sponsored articles on your blog.

I’ll also guide you step by step on how you can use this free earning site to make $100 per day from blogging.

Flyout is a sponsorship-providing website where companies give you ready-made content (with their site link) to post on your website. Once you post it they’ll pay you the price you’ve fixed for your blog.

Earn $100 Per Day From Blogging (Latest Trick)

To start earning money from the Flyout website your blog must be active and receives daily organic traffic otherwise your site will not get verified.

If you don’t have a blog/website then read our article on How to Create Your Own Website – Step by Step Guide to make your own blog at a cheap price.

The best part of this earning trick is you don’t need to write the content, advertisers will provide you the content all you need to do is publish it on your blog and make money from blog.

I’m going to show you the whole sign-up process step by step, please follow all the steps carefully. Because if you do anything wrong then your blog may be get rejected.

Now let’s create an account on the Flyout website and register our blog to start earning.

Step 1: Register Your Blog

To register your blog on the FLYOUT Website visit their official site.

Flyout Homepage

When you reach their site on the homepage click on the Sign Up Now button to get started.

It will take you to the registration page, which has four steps first put your website URL and click whether your blog is eligible or not.

Check the eligibility of your site

If your blog is eligible then it will automatically take you to another step, where you’ve to verify the ownership of your site.

And if your blog is not eligible then you need to work more on your blog, post more articles and bring organic traffic to your site and then apply again.

Verify your site ownership

To verify your site copy the given HTML Meta Tag and go to your WordPress site then install a plugin called Insert Headers and Footers.

After that open the plugin and paste the code in the Header section and Save it.

You can also verify your site using another two methods.

Insert Headers and Footers Plugin

If you’ve installed any cache plugin on your site then clear the cache to refresh your website.

Now go to the Flyout website and click the Verify button.

Add your blog details

In the next step choose your blog category, add a contact number, and enter the price per post you want to charge.

If you enter a price randomly then it will automatically select the price for your blog based on your site performance.

Then let’s move to the final step by clicking the Submit Website button.

Create Your Flyout Account

Here, enter your Name, Email, and Password and click the Sign-Up button.

Or you can simply select Sign Up with Google to create your account using Gmail.

Step 2: Verify Google Analytics

When you complete the registration process, it will redirect you to the Flyout Dashboard.

Flyout Dashboard

Here comes the last and most important step i.e. you’ve to verify your blog’s Google Analytics report so that they can analyze your website traffic and approve your blog to start earning money.

To verify your Analytics account go to the Blogs from the left menu.

Flyout Blogs Section

Here, click on the verify button under the analytics section and copy the given verification text.

Now, open your Google Analytics account.

Google Analytics Dashboard

After opening your analytics account go to the Admin section from the left-side menu.

Google Analytics Admin section

In the Admin panel select the Property User Management option and it will take you to another page.

Add user to your analytic account

On the next page click the blue+ icon button on the top right bar and select Add Users option.

Analytics add user section

Here, enter the verification text in the mail address box and click on ADD button available on the top right corner.

Make sure you leave everything to default don’t give any other permission except Read & Analyze which is checked by default.

Now we have registered and verified our blog on the Flyout platform.

Just refresh the Blogs page to check whether your GA is verified or not. If verified then you’ll get a green tick under the Analytics heading.

Step 3: Start Earning

Now that you have successfully added our blog on Flyout, let’s wait for 2 to 3 days until they approve your blog.

Once they have approved your blog then you can start making money from your blog by publishing sponsored articles of their verified advertisers.

After getting the approval, you can enable the Instant Publishing feature under the Blogs section for easy and direct posting of the articles on your blog.

Remember, your earnings depend on the price you charge per post, if you’re getting $10 per post then you’ll need 10 posts every day to earn $100 a day.

We hope this article will help you earn $100 per day from blogging online without running AdSense or affiliate ads on your blog.

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