10 Best Free WordPress SEO Plugins for 2024 [Must Have Plugins]

Have you just started your own WordPress website and looking for some free WordPress plugins to optimize the SEO (search engine optimization) of your website.

Well, there are thousands of free plugins available in the WordPress repository. But, every plugin has a different purpose and functionality.

Now, you may be confused about choosing the best WordPress plugin for your site that will you make your website more attractive and user-friendly.

In this article, we are going to share with you the 10 must-have free WordPress plugins that’ll make your website user-friendly, super-fast, attractive, spam-free, and also increase your search performance.

We’ve shortlisted the best WordPress plugins from different fields that’ll cover all your website needs and help you increase website performance and functionality. 

Top 10 Free WordPress Plugins for SEO 

As a beginner, while searching for a WordPress plugin first analyse the issues you are facing with your site like SSL certificate issues, SEO of your site, slow website, etc.

To resolve all these common website issues and improve your SEO and website speed, we’re going to reveal the necessary WordPress plugins that’ll give you the best results.

We have the following free plugins in our list:

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert if you own a WordPress website then, these free WP plugins are really going to benefit you.

Here are the 10 best free plugins for WordPress that you’ll need to increase your website performance and speed.

1. Elementor

Elementor Free WordPress Website Builder Plugin

Elementor Page Builder is an easy drag and drop website builder plugin that comes with advanced web design tools.

The Elementor plugin helps you design your website live according to your need without writing a single line of code.

This Page Builder plugin gives you thousands of professionally designed website templates for eCommerce websites, online businesses, news websites, blogs, and more.

Elementor is the best drag and drop WordPress page builder in the market which comes with:

  • 100+ Ready to use website layouts
  • Visual effects
  • Image & video sliders
  • Animation effects
  • Custom fonts
  • Attractive backgrounds
  • Beautifully designed widgets 

Elementor makes it easy for you to design a responsive SEO friendly website within minutes.

You can also design high conversion landing pages or sales pages for your business with its ready-made landing page templates.

This free web design plugin is highly recommended for business websites, professional bloggers, and startup owners.

Install Elementor Page Builder »

2. Yoast SEO 

Yoast SEO WordPress Free SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is a free WordPress SEO plugin that guides you to write SEO-optimized content for your website and helps you fix your website SEO.

If you are a beginner then you may not know much about Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Remember, SEO is the most important thing for a website to rank in search engines like Google.

Your SEO tells Google about your website and ranks your website contents such as articles and images on the search engine. And you start getting traffic to your website.

Yoast SEO plugin helps you rank higher in search engines and guides you to increase the SEO of your website contents.

It analyses your site SEO automatically, checks the readability of your contents, and guides you in writing an SEO-friendly article for your visitors.

Yoast SEO gives you cornerstone content and internal linking features to increase the ranking of your site. It also has a bulk editor that helps you in writing catchy headlines and meta descriptions.

Whether you run a blog or online store, if you want to rank higher on Google then just install Yoast SEO and see the results.

3. W3 Total Cache

W3 Total Cache - Free WordPress Cache Plugin

W3 Total cache Is one of the best WordPress cache Plugins that improve your website speed, SEO and performance by clearing caches.

If your website taking too much time to load and giving your visitors a bad impression. Then, you need to resolve this issue right now otherwise it can reduce the number of visitors to your site.

To increase your site performance and load time, W3 Total Cache is one of the best options available in the WordPress repository.

W3 Total Cache also helps in improved web server performance, compatible with shared hosting, AMP support, SSL support, minifications of CSS, HTML, and Javascript files, browser cache using cache control, and caches database objects automatically.

It is one of the most recommended and free WordPress caching plugins for WordPress website creators.

4. UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus Free WordPress Backup Plugin

UpdraftPlus is a free WordPress backup plugin that keeps your site safe against server crashes, hacking, and insecure web hosts by keeping your website backup safe.

This WordPress plugin takes daily automatic backup of your site. So, that in the future if you lost your website due to some technical errors or your website gets hacked, you can easily restore your site.

You can also create your manual backups and save them on your computer.

With UpdraftPlus, you can easily migrate your website without losing a single data of your website.

It’s necessary for you to keep your site backup in your hands in order to protect your site from hackers and website crashing issues.

This is a must-have plugin for WordPress, install this plugin and take regular backup of your website.

We’ve already lost one of our websites to the hands of a hacker. You don’t do the same mistake.

Install UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin »

5. Really Simple SSL

Really Simple SSL WordPress Plugin

If you are facing issues with your SSL certificate or your site doesn’t provide a secure connection i.e. https. In that case, Really Simple SSL can be the best option to resolve your issue and give you a secure connection within a minute.

It automatically detects your site settings and configurations and takes your entire site to a secure connection (i.e runs the https version of your site).

Really Simple SSL WordPress plugin handles all the issues of your WordPress site regarding SSL (Secured Sockets Layer) and takes quick action within a minute even when your site is offline.

This plugin also helps you increase the SEO of your site because Google only indexes the sites having a secure connection (with an SSL certificate).

So, if you’ve just started a new blog then install it immediately on your site. It’s completely free has over 4 million active installs.

You can also buy Bluehost web hosting service where they offer free SSL certificate and free domain name with their hosting plan (starts from $3/month).

6. Smush Image Optimizer

Smush Image Optimizer

Smush Image Optimizer plugin helps you increase your website speed and SEO by compressing and optimizing your website images.

If your website is loading very slow, it’s because of your page size and the best way to reduce it is to use an image optimizer.

Smush is a free WordPress Image Compression Plugin that reduces your image size without any loss in image quality and optimizes it to rank higher in search engines.

The plugin compresses your heavy images without losing the image quality, optimizes images to load faster and rank higher on Google.

It also has a lazy load image function that gives your site visitors a fast view and maintains your website performance.

Intelligent bloggers and website owners use Smush to get a fast website load time and enhanced performance.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins, which will help you to give your visitors a better experience.

You may also want to check out our list of 7 best WordPress compression and optimization plugins.

7. Akismet – Anti Spam

Akismet Anti-Spam Free WordPress Plugin

Akismet is one of the best WordPress security plugins that keep your WordPress site safe and secure from hackers and spammers.

It automatically checks your site comments and contact form submissions to prevent your website from spam comments and malicious attacks.

Akismet automatically handles your site security and blocks duplicate login attempts, spam comments from your website.

It is a highly recommended WordPress plugin to keep your site secure and hacker-proof.

They also offer paid plans for eCommerce websites and business owners. So, while installing it don’t forget to switch to the personal free plan for your site.

8. Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress

Free Google Analytics WordPress Plugin by MonsterInsights

If you’ve submitted your website in Google Analytics to track your website performance. Then this WordPress Google Analytics plugin is going to give your website visitors data right in your WordPress dashboard.

This is a free WordPress SEO Plugin that helps you analyze how many people are live on your website right now and from where and when you are receiving the most number of visitors to your site?

Now, you don’t need to open your Analytics account every time to check your site performance.

You can easily manage all your site analytics data from your WordPress dashboard with Google Analytics Dashboard Plugin for WordPress by MonsterInsights.

This free plugin helps in analyzing your site:

  • Audience reports
  • User Behaviour report
  • Ecommerce sales
  • Revenue report 

by day, week, months, or even years.

If you’ve not yet submitted your site to Google Analytics, then submit it right now.

It is one of the best WordPress plugins that increase the search engine ranking and performance of your site.

9. Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 WordPress Plugin

Contact Form 7 is the most popular WordPress contact form plugin that allows you to add a contact form to your website.

This is a completely free plugin that enables you to reach to your audience easily and requires zero coding knowledge. It is used by millions of WordPress websites.

Contact Form 7, gives you a simple and customizable contact form that you can use anywhere in your site. 

To add a contact form to your site, simply copy and paste the shortcode given by this plugin.

It automatically takes your administrative e-mail id and Whenever a user will send you a message using this contact form you will get the message directly to your mail-id.

10. Onesignal Push Notification

Onesignal Free WordPress Push Notification Plugin

Onesignal is another most popular yet free WordPress plugins that allow you to send notifications to your website followers automatically.

This WordPress push notification plugin adds a subscribe button to your website and whenever you publish a new post on your site it automatically sends notifications to your subscribers.

You can also send notifications manually to your readers and increase your user engagement.

If your blog is new and you want more traffic on your site than we recommend you to use this free plugin to build your own audience network.


The above-listed free WP plugins are highly recommended for optimizing website performance and speed. It is used by popular bloggers and e-commerce website owners.

Whether you create a blog, news website, or online store, you must have to install the following plugins on your site.

Also, let us know if we’ve missed one of your favorite WordPress plugins.

Always keep in mind one thing that with WordPress you can fix any problems on your site in an easy way i.e plugins.

You just need to explore the things or keep following us we will guide you in every step of your blogging journey (no matter you are using any blogging platform).

We hope the following best free WordPress plugins will help you become a successful blogger.

Quick Reminder: If you are wondering about how to get a free SSL certificate or a free domain then we will suggest you go with Bluehost web hosting where you will get a free domain, free SSL certificate, and free website backup, with your hosting plan starting at $3/month.

If you find this article helpful you then don’t forget to share this article with your friends. 

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