How to Make Money Reading Emails in 2024 [Earn $10/Hour]

Do you want to make money online by reading emails on your smartphone?

If yes, then you’re going to love this post.

Nowadays you can make money online in tons of ways but to do that you need to learn some specific skills or a little investment.

But, the brand new trick I’m going to share with you today pays $10 per hour or even more and you don’t have to learn any skill or do any investment. It’s absolutely Free.

To learn my secret trick on how to earn $10/Hour by reading emails online without investment read this article till the end.

Here, I’ll show a website called, Clicks Genie, which pays you for reading emails on your mobile phone and also guide you step by step how you can get paid $10/hr reading emails on this website.

Make Money Online By Reading Emails

Clicks Genie is a very easy-to-use email ad serving website that sends you regular email ads and you’ll get paid up to $0.042 for every email you read.

To start making money from reading emails on the ClicksGenie website we just need to create our account which is completely Free and then read the emails from Clicks Genie.

Now, let’s create our account on Clicks Genie and start earning free PayPal money.

Step 1: Create Your Account

In order to create a new account visit ClicksGenie‘s official website.

Clicks Genie - Get Paid to Read Emails

On the homepage click the Register button to start the registration process.

In the registration form add your name, email address, password, and all basic details required.

Clicks Genie Register Form

After adding all the details fill the CAPTCHA and click the Register button.

Now, you need to verify your email by clicking on the account activation link sent by Clicks Genie.

Woohoo, you’ve successfully created your account.

Step 2: Add Payment Method

After verifying your email, you’ll automatically redirect to the login page just add your email and password to log in to your account.

Clicks Genie Dashboard

Here, we’ve reached our account dashboard now let’s set up our payment method and other settings.

To add a payment method click the profile icon on the top-right menu then go to Settings » Payments.

Add a Payment Method

Clicks Genie only pays through PAYEER so you need to create a Payeer account to receive payments. Payeer is completely Free.

After adding your Payeer address save it and leave the page because we’ve already added all other basic details while creating our account.

Step 3: Start Earning By Reading Emails

We’re all set to earn our first dollar by reading emails.

Now, you’ll start receiving regular emails from Clicks Genie, just open and read the emails to earn money (up to $0.042 for every email you read) and also visit the link given in the mail for at least 10 seconds.

Clicks Genie Email Ads

It just takes 10-20 seconds to read one mail and visit the link. So, if you read mails for 1 hour a day then you can easily earn $5 -$10 per day.

You can also earn money for inviting your friends to Clicks Genie.

Clicks Genie Payment Proof

Here, I’ve added some recent payment proofs that clearly show that there is no minimum payout you can cash out your income anytime and everyone can make money reading emails from this site no matter which country you’re from.

This is one of the best and easiest ways to make money online with your mobile phone, just sign up for the free account and start making money reading emails.

We hope this video will help you get the best email reading jobs to make money online by reading emails on your phone without any investment and skills.

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