How to Make Money From YouTube Videos in 2023 [Earn $30/day]

Do you want to make money online using YouTube videos for free?

If yes, then this post is gonna help you make money from YouTube without even making videos.

There’re dozens of ways available to earn money from YouTube but to start earning you need some specific skills or investments.

The trick I’m going to share with you today requires zero investment, zero skills, and not even much time. But, it can make you $30 per day for free.

So, to learn my favorite strategy on how to gain money from YouTube videos without any skills read this article till the end.

Here, I’ll show you a website named, which is a high-paying URL shortener website, and guide you step by step on how to use free YouTube videos to make money from this website.

Shrinkme is a free URL shortener website where you’ll get paid for shortening links, the more link clicks you get the more money you can make.

Make Money Online From Free YouTube Videos

To start earning from YouTube videos, first go to the YouTube app and search any trending keyword.

For example, I’m searching for “How to lose belly fat fast” and open a video from the search results that have a good response.

Now, copy that YouTube video URL and close the tab.

Remember, you can search for any keyword or topic that people search a lot. So, use your brain to find a trending topic.

Now, let’s go to the website to create our account and start making money.

Step 1: Create Your Account

To create your account in Shrinkme visit their official website by clicking here.

Shrinkme URL Shortner

On the homepage click the Register button available on the top menu.

Then on the user registration page, add your username, email, and password then click on Register.

Shrinkme Registration Page

After adding all the details it will ask you to log in to your account so add your username and password and click sign in.

Step 2: Set Up Your Profile

When you complete the sign-in process, it will redirect you to your account dashboard and you’ll receive a $1 bonus.

Shrinkme dashboard

Now, we need to add our account and payment details, to do that go to Settings » Profile from the left side menu.

In the profile section first, add your billing details such as your real name, full address, phone number, etc.

Shrinkme Profile edit

After adding all the details scroll down and choose your withdrawal method, there are many withdrawal methods available as you can see here.

Shrinkme Payment Method

Choose the withdrawal method that’s available in your country and you trust the most.

Then Add your withdrawal account info and click Submit button.

Step 3: Shorten URLs and Earn Money

Now that we’ve successfully completed our account setup, it’s time to start earning from youtube.

Earlier we’ve copied a YouTube video link now let’s shorten the link and then I’ll tell you the secret of how to make money from it.

To shorten a link just click on New Shorten Link on the left side menu and paste the link you’ve copied then click Shoten.

Shrinkme Shroten URL Tab

Again copy the short link that you’ve got because this link is gonna make you lots of money.

Now, here’s the secret trick go to which is the largest question-answer-sharing platform on the internet, and sign in using your Gmail account.

After you sign in, search for the question related to your video topic. For example, I’ll search for how to lose belly fat because I have got the YouTube video link of how to lose belly fat fast.

Then it’ll show you hundreds of questions for your searched topic.

Now open any question and write your answer it means just paste the shortened link you’ve copied from the Shrinkme website and post it.

Now, those who are looking for the answers to how to lose belly fat will click on our link and watch the video.

Whenever someone will click on our link we’ll get paid on the basis of the visitor’s country. Whether they watch the video or not you’ll earn money for every single click.

Make Money From YouTube

There are different payout rates for different countries as you can see on the above image.

So, find out a topic that people search every day and then go to YouTube and grab other people’s YouTube videos to make money without any copyright and policy violation issue.

We hope this article will help you make money online from free YouTube videos without creating any channel or video by yourself.

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For more articles on making money online comment below the topic, you want me to cover and I’ll post an article on your topic with the latest earning tricks.

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