How to Start A WordPress Blog in 2024 (Beginner’s Guide)

Are you planning to start a blog on WordPress to share your knowledge with the world and earn money?

But, don’t have any idea how to start your first WordPress blog.

Well creating your first WordPress blog can be tough, especially if you’re a beginner. So to help you with that, we have created this article to guide you to launch your first WordPress blog without any coding knowledge.

Once you’ve set up your blog by following our guide, you can start earning online by sharing your knowledge through WordPress.

In this article, we will discuss what is a blog and how to earn money from a blog, things required to start a blog, recommended WordPress settings, and how to drive traffic to your blog.

Starting a blog is very easy nowadays because with popular blogging Platforms like WordPress you can create a blog in just 10 minutes without having any technical skills.

WordPress is one of the most popular and widely used blogging platforms in the world. Because it provides a simple and user-friendly dashboard and free WordPress plugins to manage your website easily without having any tech knowledge.

What is a blog?

A blog is a type of website where you will get the contents and information for your every searched item where it is presented in reverse chronological order.

For example – If I will search for the best WordPress hosting on Google then, it will show the related content published by different blogs suggesting hosting like Bluehost, HostGator, DreamHost, etc.

How to Make Money From Blogging?

Nowadays, a lot of people are joining the blogging platform with one AIM that is to make money online by sharing their knowledge.

You can earn over $1000 every month from your blog. Some of the ways you can earn from your blog are:

  • Advertising: You can place google ads on your site using Google Adsense Platform and generate a definite income source.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Suggest the best products and services to your blog readers and earn a commission when they buy the product.
  • Product Sell: You can sell your own products to your audience and earn money.

Your blog can be your passive income source, you can earn money while you are sleeping. Thousands of bloggers are earning over $10,000 every month with their simple writing skills.

How to Launch Your First WordPress Blog (Beginner’s Guide)

Starting a blog isn’t a difficult thing. If you choose the right set of tools and hosting for your first blog then, it’s super easy to run your blog without any error or confusion.

Before starting a blog you’ll need to shortlist some necessary things that will help you set up a successful blog on WordPress.

Things You Need to Start a WordPress Blog in 2024:

  • Niche/Topic: Choose a topic for your blog (According to your interest). For example – technology, news, fashion.
  • Domain Name: Pick a name for your blog that is related to your topic. A domain name is your blog address through which the audience will visit your blog. For example –
  • Fast & Secure Web Hosting: A web hosting gives you a definite space for your website where all your website data get saved and whenever a visitor comes to your blog it serves the data to them.

All your website performance and speed depend on your Web Hosting. Therefore we will suggest you choose a fast and secure hosting like Bluehost for your website.

For more detailed information about choosing a domain name and best web hosting your blog check out our specific articles i.e. how to choose a domain name for your blog and best WordPress web hosting providers for your blog.

We will discuss the whole process of how to start a WordPress blog in 2020 with four simple steps. i.e

  • Step 1: How to find a domain name
  •  2: How to connect domain name with hosting
  •  3: Install WordPress
  •  4: Customize your WordPress blog

No matter what type of blog you want to create whether it’s a tech blog or personal blog just follow these four simple steps to launch your WordPress blog successfully.

So, without wasting more time let’s get straight to your topic and discuss the steps to start a WordPress blog.

Step 1: How to Find a Domain Name

Choosing a domain name is simple and easy, but it’s important to find the perfect domain name that’s easy to type and remember.

To find the right domain name for your blog you can use various Domain name generator tools.  A domain/blog name generator suggests thousands of domain names for free that are related to your blog topic.

Your domain name is your blog’s address on the internet. For example – if your blog is your home then your domain name is your home address.

Registering a domain name costs around $8.99 per year on Namecheap domain registrar. But, don’t worry there is a trick to get a domain name for free which we will discuss in the next step.

While registering a domain name choose the right domain extension for your blog. In this case, we will suggest you choose a .com domain extension because it will be easy for your audience to remember your blog name. If the “.com” extension is not available, you can choose .net or .org domain extension.

Step 2: How to Connect Domain Name with Hosting

After choosing the right domain name, the next thing you’ll need a powerful and secure web hosting that will help you grow your WordPress blog.

Web hosting: A web hosting service gives you a web space where all your blog’s posts and files are stored safely. When a visitor comes to your blog by typing your domain name (i.e. your web hosting server will show your posts to them.

Web hosting normally costs around $3.95 per year if you buy from Bluehost. There are several web hosting companies available in the market but, how will you find which is the best hosting for you.

So, to avoid your confusion we have shortlisted these best web hosting companies which are mostly recommended by WordPress itself. Check out the article to get the complete idea about web hosting.

As you’re a beginner we will recommend you choose Bluehost web hosting where you will get a free domain name, free SSL certificate and over 50% off on any hosting plan for our blog readers only.

Bluehost is one of the most popular and trusted hosting companies in the world. They’re hosting around 2 million blogs on the internet. WordPress itself recommends Bluehost to create a successful blog on WordPress.

In order to start your WordPress blog, go to Bluehost’s website and click the Get Started button.

Start a Blog with Bluehost

Visit Bluehost Website >>

On the next page, you’ve to choose a hosting plan for your blog. Since you are a beginner, you can choose the basic plan that includes a free domain name and free SSL certificate.

If you’ve planned to start a number of blogs in upcoming years then you can choose the plus plan, where you can host unlimited websites. Or you can always upgrade your hosting plan as your blog gets popular.

Now, simply click the Learn More button for the hosting plan you want.

Select a Bluehost Hosting Plan

Now you’ve chosen your hosting plan, the next thing you’ll need to do is to register a new domain name for free or if you’ve already purchased a domain then, simply add it.

We will recommend you to register a new domain name. Because it’s free and will also reduce your technical work.

Bluehost Free Domain Name

On the next page, you’ll be asked to create your Bluehost account by adding some basic details. You can also sign in with your Google account for easy registration.

After entering your basic details scroll down the page and check your plan details, duration, and pricing.

You can select your plan for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months as per your choice. You will also find some extra addons like domain name privacy, code guard which increases your total price. So, you can uncheck them they’re not necessary.

Note: If you choose your plan for 36 months you will get a huge discount on our plan.

Bluehost Hosting Plan Details

Once you’ve checked your plan details, scroll down and add your payment information. Then, you’ll need to agree to Bluehost Terms and Services and click the Submit button.

Now you’ve successfully purchased a hosting plan and Bluehost automatically connected your domain name with your hosting account.

After that, you’ve to create a password for your hosting account. Then, you’ll receive your hosting details including your web hosting control panel login id (cPanel) on your registered email account.

Step 3: Install WordPress On Your Blog

As we have purchased our hosting from Bluehost, we don’t need to install WordPress manually by ourselves because Bluehost does it by default.

When you’ll complete your registration process with Bluehost. It will automatically install WordPress for your blog. All you need to do is add your blog title, description/tag line of your blog, and choose a theme for your blog.

During this step you can pick any theme available on your account because you can change your theme, blog title, description, etc later whenever you want.

While Installing WordPress, write down or memorise your admin name and password. Because you’ll need the admin name and password to login your WordPress account.

Step 4: Customize Your WordPress Blog

In order to customize or manage your WordPress blog, log in to your WordPress account. You can log in to your WordPress account by typing wp-admin with your domain name in the browser.

Here’s what your WordPress login URL looks:

On the log in page, add your admin name and password which you have noted down or sent to your email by your hosting provider.

WordPress login Page

Now you’ve logged into your WordPress account, changing the appearance of your blog is super easy. All you have to do is go to Appearance option and find the right theme for your WordPress blog and install it.

WordPress provides thousands of free WordPress themes to design your blog according to your choice. You can also buy their paid version if you want more customization option.

After customizing your blog appearance, the next thing you need to do is to enhance your blog by adding features for your blog readers like a contact form, social share options.

In WordPress, you’ll find thousands of free plugins (apps) through which you can add tons of simple and advanced features to your blog without any coding knowledge.

Like WordPress themes, you can easily find and install free WordPress plugins from the plugin option on your WordPress dashboard.

To install a new plugin go to the Plugin » Add New page and use the search box to find the plugin you are looking for. when the plugin gets visible on your screen click Install Now button and then click Activate.

As you’re a beginner and don’t have the proper knowledge about plugins. Check out our list of the Top 10 best free WordPress Plugins that will help you grow your blog faster.

That’s it now you have successfully set up your first WordPress blog. Now all you’ve to do is to write attractive blog posts to get your traffic.

When you start getting more number of visitors to your blog then, you can start earning from your WordPress blog by monetizing it.

There are millions of popular blogs out there like WPbeginner, ShoutMeLoud who are earning over million every year from blogging. So, why not you.

If you want to know about how to monetize your blog then, comment below this post what you want to know about blog monetization? we will post an article for you.

We hope this guide will help you start a WordPress blog without any confusion.

If you find this post helpful, then like it and share it with your blogging community. Have Fun Blogging!

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