How to Get a Free SSL Certificate for Your Website in 2024

Are you a beginner in this blogging platform and looking to secure your website with a free SSL certificate? But, don’t have an idea of how to get a free SSL certificate for your website.

Then, don’t worry in this article we are going to know about the three simple and proven ways to get an SSL certificate for free with lifetime validity.

As you know that GOOGLE marks all non-ssl websites “Not Secure”. It means you can lose your traffic and ranking too. SSL protects your site’s data and gives your visitors a secure connection that they can trust (it also improves your website’s SEO).

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is an internet protocol that secures data transfer from the website to the browsers.

Three Simple Ways to Get a Free SSL Certificate

There are several SSL certificate providers are available on the internet, who charge between $50-$200 per year for that.

But, to reduce your website cost we will show you the best ways to get a lifetime SSL certificate for free. So, without wasting more time let’s get started.

1. Cloudflare

Cloudflare is a free CDN (Content delivery network) and security company that secures your website from hackers and gives a faster and better performance of your website.

Almost 40% of websites on the internet are protected by Cloudflare. Many popular sites like StackOverflow, Mozilla, etc are using Cloudflare’s security support.

Now Cloudflare is also providing a universal Free SSL certificate for all the users. So, you don’t need to waste your money on buying a paid ssl certificate.

Just add your website to Cloudflare and enable your SSL for free and also protect your site from hackers. Cloudflare also improves the speed of your site and improves your search engine ranking.

How to enable ssl certificate on Cloudflare?

  • Signup for a Cloudflare account
  • Add your website to Cloudflare
  • Change your nameservers (add Cloudflare name servers on your domain)
  • When your account gets activated (usually takes 2 min)
  • Go to SSL/TLS tab and enable your free SSL

2. SSL for Free

SSL for Free is a non-profit organization or website that provides Let’s Encrypt ssl certificate for free.

Go to there website and add your site name and within few minutes you will get your free ssl certificate issued.

But, they provide certificates with 90 days validity. so, we recommend you to renew your certificate after 60 days. Go and grab your SSL and make your site more secure.

3. Hosting Providers

Nowadays several popular hosting providers like Bluehost and Hostgator are providing free SSL with lifetime validity with their every hosting plan.

In this case, we’ll take the example of Bluehost Hosting provider, Go to the Bluehost website and buy a basic web hosting plan from Bluehost web hosting provider (they provide better plans at a cheap price that anyone can afford).

Then it will automatically show your plan details which include a free domain name and a free ssl for your website (make sure that free ssl added to your website plan).

I personally use Bluehost and I found that it is the best web hosting for beginners which gives a simple dashboard to set up your website without any coding knowledge. And there plans to start at only $2.75/month and with every plan you will get a free domain name and ssl certificate. It also gives your website better load time and helps you in improving your SEO.

How to enable free ssl on Bluehost: After buying a hosting plan from Bluehost, Go to my sites > Manage site page. Then go to the security tab and switch on your free ssl.

These are the three simple and best ways that can give you an ssl certificate for free and make your website https:// enable.

We hope this article will surely help you to make your website safe and secure. This will also help you to get verified from Google which will increase your visitors in a huge number.

If you have any quires regarding this article or you have any questions on blogging you can ask in the comment section.

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