How to Create Your Own Website in 2024 – Step by Step Guide (Free)

Do you want to create a website for your business? But, don’t have any idea how to get started?

Well, creating a website is not rocket science. Today, you can make a website just in 20 minutes. All these things are possible today because of advanced technologies and easy website-builders.

In this article, we’ll show you how to create your own website without any coding knowledge (step by step guide). At the end of this article, you’ll have complete knowledge about making a website.

What do we need to build a website?

In order to build a website, we need three things.

  • A domain name: It’s the URL address of your website that users need to type in their browsers to visit your site (For example, or
  • Web hosting: This is a space (like your computer memory) where you’ll store your website data such as files, images.
  • A Website builder or platform: It’s a platform that lets you build beautiful websites quickly without hiring a professional or coding knowledge.

For a better understanding suppose your website is your home now if your friend wants to visit your home then he needs your address that’s your URL address (For example,

To store your home accessories you need space that’s called web hosting and to build a home you need workers and land that’s called website builder.

So, without further delay let’s create a beautiful website like a pro.

How to Create a Website (Step by Step Guide)

In this section, we’ll discuss step by step how to buy a domain name, best web hosting service, and how to design and launch our website?

Before, going ahead we need to first select the best website builder for our website. There are many website builders available in the market with several tools.

But, to create a powerful and stable website here, we’re going to use WordPress, which is the most popular and recommended website platform in the world.

WordPress is a free and self-hosted website builder that offers thousands of free website designs and plugins to make an attractive website with ease (without having any coding skills).

If you want to know more about website builders or WordPress, then you can read our article on the 10 best website platforms.

As we’ve selected our website platform now let’s continue to follow our step-by-step guide on how to create a website.

Step 1: Purchase a Domain Name and Web hosting

Now we need to buy a domain name and hosting service to set up our website.

You can use domain name generator tools to find a perfect domain name for your website. (For example, if we want to create a website on cooking then we’ll search for the topic “cooking” on a domain name generator tool and it’ll show us varieties of domain names related to our topic).

If you already have a domain name on your mind then we can move to the further step.

Normally a domain name costs around $14.99/year, but here we’re going to get it for free with our web hosting.

There are many web hosting providers available in the market. Here, we’re going to use GreenGeeks, which is the world’s No. 1 green web hosting provider.

Why choose Greengeeks hosting?

We recommend Greengeeks hosting service because it provides the best hosting service at a cheap price, 24/7 expert support, it’s trustable, secure and also cares about nature.

GreenGeeks is known as the world’s #1 green energy web hosting provider because it puts back 3 times the energy they consume into the grid in the form of renewable energy which makes it different from other hostings.

By choosing Greengeeks we choose to save our mother nature. Which will save our world from a natural crisis in future and give us a better environment to live.

For our users, they’re also offering a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and a great discount on web hosting plans.

You can also check out our article on the best web hosting providers in the market and best managed hosting services for WordPress.

Now let’s go to the Greengeeks website and select our hosting plan.

Greengeeks homepage

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Visit the Greengeeks website through the above-given link and check the WordPress hosting plans.  Next, we’ll be asked to choose a hosting plan for our need.

As we’re just beginning, let’s select the Lite plan which cost $2.95/month (it includes free domain name and free SSL certificate). We can always upgrade our hosting later as our site grows.

You can also select the Pro plan if you want to create one or more website later.Greengeeks WordPress hosting page

To select the Lite plan click the Get Started button and now we need to enter our domain name to purchase it for free (always go with “.com” extension) and click on the check availability button.

If you’ve already purchased a domain from other domain providers such as Namecheap, then you can add your domain in the existing domain section and click continue.

domain purchase page

After choosing our domain name, we need to enter our basic information like email, phone number, address to create our hosting account (We need to remember our email address because we’ll receive all our website information including login details in our email account).

Greengeeks signup page

Next, scroll down the page and look for package information box. Now, we can set our plan for 12 months, 24 months, or 36 months as long as we want (we’ll set it for 36 months i.e. 3-years).

Choosing the 3-year plan will get you the best value for your money.

Greengeeks pricing options

We also need to uncheck the preselected addons such as Whois Privacy to reduce our total price. Because we don’t need these add-ons right now. We can always add them later whenever we want.

Order and Payments page

After setting up our package, we need to scroll down to the payment information box and enter our payment details. Then, click on the Create Account & Get Started button.

That’s it!

We’ve successfully purchased a hosting plan. Now, we’ll create a password for our account.

After that, we’ll receive an email from our hosting provider with details on how to login in to out our web hosting control panel, where we can manage everything on our website including files, emails, and other data.

Step 2: Installing WordPress On Our Website

It’s super easy to set up a website with Greengeeks.

Greengeeks offers 1-click WordPress installation on their hosting plan. We need to visit our Greengeeks account (using our login details which we’ve received in our email) and enter our website details (i.e. our website title, description, and select a theme).

After that, it will install WordPress on our website in a few minutes.

With Greengeeks, we don’t need to go through a manual WordPress installation process. It saves you time and effort through the 1-click installation process.

Step 3: Launching Our Website Live On Internet

After the successful WordPress installation, we’ll go to our WordPress admin dashboard by clicking the WordPress dashboard link in our hosting account. or you can visit manually by typing in your browser.

WordPress login page

Now, we need to user enter user name and password to login to your WordPress dashboard (use the user name and password which you’ve given during WordPress installation process). You’ll be asked the user name and password only in the manual process.

After coming to the WP dashboard you’ll find all the customization options in the left side your screen.

The first thing we need to do is to install a beautiful theme on our website. To do that go to Appearance » Theme and select the theme you want and click install then activate.

Now our site is live on the internet with a beautiful look. You can check your website by typing your website URL in the browser.

How to install a WordPress plugin?

To add more features and functionality to your website install these free WordPress plugins.

In order to install a plugin go to the plugin section in the left menu and click Add New. Then search for the plugin you want and click Install » Activate.

You can also change your website settings in the setting options available on the left menu.

How to add content on our website?

To post content on your website go to Posts » Add New and add after writing content click the Publish button to post it on your live website.

In the same way, you can also add pages to your websites such as About us, contact us, and privacy policy ( go to Pages » Add New after creating page click Publish).

Now, as our site is live anyone can visit our website by typing our domain name on their web browser.

We hope this article helped you learn how to create a website on your own without having coding knowledge.

If you’ve any doubt regarding this article feel free to contact us in the comment section.

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