5 Free Blog Name Generators to Find Best Blog Name Ideas in 2024

If you are thinking about to start a blog then choosing a good blog name is your first important step. In this article, we will show you the 5 best free blog name generators tool that will help you find a perfect blog name.

A blog name generator tool suggests thousands of unique blog name ideas that are familiar to your blog category and also shows you the blog names are available or already taken.

For example, if I want to create a blog on laptops then I will type the keyword laptop (you can add your selected name) in a blog name generator tool and it will show me thousands of blog names using my keyword laptop (i.e. fastlaptopsonline.com, laptopsblog.com, etc).

Why Choosing a Good Blog Name is Important?

Your blog name plays an important role in your blog’s branding, marketing (attracts more customers/visitors), and search engine ranking.

It’s a little bit difficult today to find a catchy blog name because there are millions of blogs are already available on the internet.

But, these name generator tools will help you to find a unique and catchy blog name that you can use to create your own brand.

A good blog name is something that contains your main keyword, reflects the topic of your blog, and easy to remember for your visitors.

Keeping all these things in mind let’s go to our main topic and explore the 5 best free blog name generators that will help you find a good blog name in 2024.

Best Free Blog Name Generators of 2024

These blog name generators suggest thousands of blog name ideas based on the keyword you search.

They use random word combinations with your main keyword to give you tons of snappy, perfect, and memorable blog names.

1. Name Generator

Business Name Generator Tool

Business Name Generator is a free and best tool to find a perfect name for your blog.

It takes a few details of your website like your keyword and location and suggests a bunch of blog name ideas including your main keyword.

The name generator will also show you the various domain extension such as .com, .net, .org for your blog name where you can choose your perfect domain extension.

For example, if I will search for laptops then it will show me the results like this laptops.com, bestlaptops.net, freelaptops. com, laptopbuy.org, etc.

Visit Name Generator Site >>

2. Nameboy

Nameboy - The best domain and blog name generator

Nameboy is one of the most popular blog name generator tools. That is easy to use and gives you quick ideas about your blog name.

In Nameboy you just need one thing that is your “keyword” after that it will show thousands of related and catchy blog name ideas that will perfectly suit your blog.

When you select a blog name from Nameboy it will give you the details for the selected name like whether the blog name is available or not.

If your selected blog name is available then immediately go to the Bluehost website and register your name for free with a hosting plan.

Visit Nameboy Site >>

3. IsitWP

IsitWP Best Free Blog Name Generator

IsitWP is another free blog name generator tool that is offered by the popular WordPress guide blog, WPBeignner.

It suggests tons of clever blog names and helps you build a perfect brand name that can build trust in your visitors/customers.

Simply go to the IsitWP site, enter your keywords or your selected topic name and then, press the “Generate Names” button.

After that, it will show you a list of possible blog names based on your main keyword. Select the name you like and immediately register it for free with a Bluehost hosting plan.

Visit IsitWP Site >>

4. NameMesh

Namemesh Best domain name suggestion tool

NameMesh is one of the best blogging tools that offer you thousands of free blog name ideas in various categories.

When you search in Namemesh using your keyword it displays you thousands of unique, short, SEO-friendly blog name ideas based on your keyword.

Choose your blog name from the list by selecting then it will automatically take you to the Namecheap site to register your blog/domain name.

Normally a domain name costs around $8/ year but, Bluehost offers you it for free with the best hosting plan that costs $2.75/month.

So, why to waste double money on the domain and hosting. Simply buy any hosting plan from Bluehost and get a domain name for free.

Visit Namemesh Site >>

5. Satori Studio

Satori Studio free blog name generator tool

Satori Studio offers a free blog name domain name generator tool that helps you brainstorm a perfect domain name for your blog.

When you enter your keyword and click the “Generate Blog Names” button. It comes up with tons of unique blog name suggestions in various categories and helps you find a good domain name for your blog.

You can also check the availability of the domain by going through the details of the blog name.

Visit Satori Studio Site >>

These are the top 5 best free blog name generators you can use to find a perfect, catchy, and SEO friendly domain name for your blog/website.

If you want to get a free domain name then go to the Bluehost website, where you will get a free domain name, free SSL certificate, and easy WordPress installation with their every hosting (Plan starts at $2.75/month).

Bluehost is one of the best WordPress hosting providers that offer the best hosting services at a cheap price.

WordPress.org itself recommends Bluehost and Dreamhost to create a successful blog on WordPress.

We hope this article will surely help you out to find the best domain name for your business/website. Because choosing a perfect domain name can help you create a brand name.

If you find this article helpful then, like it and share it will your friends. For any queries contact us in the comment box below.

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